Lower Than Atlantis at Rock City

Since their first album, Far Q, in 2010, Lower Than Atlantis’ sound has evolved massively but their unique style was still in full swing at their Rock City show on Thursday. This was one of their first stops on what is to be their biggest headline tour yet, and the four-piece undoubtedly lived up to expectations.

 Brawlers, Moose Blood and As It Is were the supports and left the crowd in a lively state ready for LTA to bring even more energy to the night. Opening with Get Over It, a new track from their recently released self-entitled album, The Black Edition, LTA left an atmosphere in the room that was only to build as the night went on.

Considering their total of four albums so far, LTA couldn’t possibly fit all of the crowd favourites into just one gig but I would say that they were definitely going in the right direction of doing just that. Although they did play some their older favourites, the likes of more recent tracks stood out for me; Love Someone Else, English Kids in America and Criminal were serious all-round crowd pleasers.

Mike Duce was great at engaging with the crowd in introductions to songs and I do think he brought across the character of LTA as a of band– humble, fun and just genuinely down to earth. They definitely don’t try to be anything that they aren’t, something which was clear in Mike’s jokes over how bands and front men should act. Seeing them perform live is a reminder of just how likeable the Watford four-piece are and it makes their music even more enjoyable.

Taken from the constant movements and jumping of the crowd on Thursday night along with the bands tweets about the show being one of their best, I think it’s safe to say that the whole night was a success and something we’d all love to repeat. Those attending the rest of LTA’s upcoming dates this December can be sure that they have a lot to look forward to.



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