London Grammar’s advice for UoN’s Freshers

Ahead of their appearance in Nottingham in October, we caught up with Nottingham alumni London Grammar, to get some advice for your freshers week, and find out which Nottingham venues are their favourites.

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Hey, so first things first – how was your fresher’s week at Nottingham, did you ever do the campus 14 at Uni Park?

Freshers week was great, I sadly never did the campus 14, but I saw many that tried and some that failed.

Ha, sounds about right. What attracted you to Nottingham University, do you like the city?

Parts of the city are beautiful. And Robin Hood lived nearby!

What were you favorite Nottingham venues for seeing new live music – where should our freshers go?

I love Rescue Rooms. I saw Bonobo and Oceansize there, and they were both incredible gigs. Rock city is great too.

Can’t beat a bit of RR. Did you see any memorable acts in Nottingham that inspired you?

Seeing how Bonobo used his band live was awesome. Andrea Triana’s voice completely blew me away.

What was your first jam together like, did it all click together or did you have to work for your sound?

Our first full jam together was actually our first gig together at the Bag ‘ O Nails. It must have clicked as Hannah and Dan wanted me to stay!

Did you imagine you’d where you are now when you were jamming back at uni, or was it just a bit of fun?

It certainly started as a bit of fun but I think we started realising while we were still at uni that it could be something people could get into.

What were you backgrounds in music before meeting each other at Nottingham?

Quite varied, Dan had always played guitar and is an encyclopedia in pop music trivia. Hannah had had some vocal training already and always sung in the shower, and I had classical training too.

How did you find starting out as a new band in Nottingham, any tips for upcoming artists?

I think there is a great music scene there, try to gig in the right places and get involved in with the local BBC introducing. Try to gig down in London if you can too.

What’s the best gig you’ve played so far?

Any bands first Glastonbury show is something they’ll never forget.

Has anything embarrassing to you ever happened on stage? I went to a gig once where a keyboard collapsed in the middle of an emotional ballad.

Ha. I once started a live radio session with the wrong keyboard sound. It was meant to be quiet but the sound was more like Aviici!

Haha R-R-REMIX. The new tour looks impressive, are you looking forward to the gig at rescue rooms in October?

Absolutely! I just love that venue and have been in the audience so many times there.

We’re going to be reviewing your album later, what does this debut album mean to you, and what are your hopes for it?

It means everything to us, now it is finished we just have to let it have its own world and not worry too much otherwise we will go insane!

Thanks very much, see you in October!

London Grammar will be returning to their university city to play Rescue Rooms on the 22nd of October.

By Luke Gallimore