London Grammar play Bestival

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From Humble beginnings at Lenton’s very own Bag O’Nails. London Grammar filled the festival fields of Bestival with ghostly vocals, twanging guitar and pounding beats this weekend.

Nottingham graduates London Grammar were listed on Bestival’s line up amongst headliners Elton John, Snoop Dogg and went head to head on Friday night with Fatboy Slim. After being rather unpleasantly surprised by Mr Slim’s set I needed no excuse to get over to the Replay stage where London grammar were about to start.

Still full of the innocence and modesty only a new band could harbour, but with a sound that feels so established, familiar and polished, London Grammar instantly owned the tent. Aware that this band came from Nottingham University, I couldn’t help being a little inspired and very proud as they opened their set to huge applause.

London Grammar is a trio of equally talented individuals, like a super-band before they were all famous. Dot major ran around like a plate spinner keeping all the shuffling beats and driving bass alive while Dan’s guitar pierced through the one man rhythm section garnishing the songs with the hooks and[/col][col width=”six”]

melodies that stayed in my head longer than the next morning’s hangover.

We all know about Hannah’s incredible voice, and I fucking love that she wasn’t wasted on the X Factor, where today, it seems, anyone with an impressive voice is now herded. Imagine if she was singing Nicki Minaj covers. Despite a reported case of tonsillitis, Hannah was up to her old tricks and filled the cavernous tent with her thick, powerful voice. I could try and begin to describe the sound using names like Stevie Nicks, Florence Welch and Romy Madley. The truth is Hannah doesn’t sound like anyone else you or I know.

The Replay Stage was probably my favourite of the whole festival, it played host to so many great bands just at that stage of a first major release. The atmosphere was always electric, a sense of discovery and success hung steady in the air. London Grammar owned Friday night at Bestival, but Fatboy Slim did well warming up for them bless him.

London Grammar are playing an already sold-out gig at Rescue Rooms on the 22nd of October. If you’re lucky enough to already have a ticket, see you at the front.

By @Luke_Gallimore

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