Lola Colt @ The Bodega, 27/02/2015

So I’ll set the scene; a faint mutter teases the air as the audience’s anticipation grows gradually, the pungent scent of a warming pint and aged leather lingers.  I’m but a mere new member of this evidently elite group.  “What do I expect from this?” I repeat over and over in my mind.  A spiral of wonderful hypnotic rays of light projects onto the blank canvas that shadows the stage – I watch as it draws me closer, it lures me into it’s addictive clutch.  I gaze as one avid fan warms his hands and straightens his shirt, seemingly attempting to impress the forthcoming band.  “I’m in for a treat tonight” – and boy was I right.


Off the back of their 2014 release, ‘Away from the Water’, this tour was hyped to be the game-changer, the rule-breaker and the last man standing in a Mexican stand off.  Without a shadow of a doubt, I can confirm that they did not disappoint.  Lola Colt are a brute force that is taking the music industry by storm, and if you’re moronic enough to stand in their way, expect to be left a shadow of your former self.  I attended the gig a sceptical member of the public – I left the gig an overwhelmed, converted fan.  Lola Colt will continue for many years to come, do you know why?  Because they’ve earned it.  Uniqueness doesn’t come any more distinct and special than these guys, trust me.  Lola Colt, as the psychedelic image suggests, is everyone’s legal high – and I’m hooked and looking for my next fix.


Luke: Are you used to bigger venues or do you like the more intimate gigs such as this one? Matt: “We like both small and big, it’s varied really.  Both have their differences, but bigger would be nice!”

Luke: What can we expect from you in the future?  Any festivals coming over Summer? Gun: “Erm, I’m not sure we can reveal anything but expect some announcements soon, for both the UK and Europe”

Luke: Are you heavily involved with the bands image?  There’s a psychedelic theme running through everything, does the music help this or does this help write the music? Matt: “The music definitely makes it.  I’d say it definitely reflects being in a tripped out moment, but yeah the music always comes first.  In hindsight, I guess you always have to write the music first and then the image will come later.”

Lola Colt’s new single ‘Heartbreaker’ is released today, check it out here:

Buy their debut album, ‘Away from the Water’ here!

By Luke Matthews, Media by Jamie Irving



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