Live Review: WARGASM @ Bodega

With provocative lyrics set against thumping electronic backing tracks, up-and-coming duo WARGASM at Bodega was a show Lucas Mannion had been looking forward to. He shares his thoughts on the performance.

Since being introduced to their music last year, I’ve fallen in love with Milkie Way and Sam Matlock’s self-labelled “angry songs for sad people.” As the band is still in its infancy (having only been producing music for around two years) they have yet to release an album. That certainly does not stop the demand to see them, seeing as they’ve sold out every performance on this, their first headline tour.

It was surprising to me that the venue of choice for Nottingham was The Bodega; compared to some of the other places they’re playing it seems more like a pit stop, but WARGASM certainly didn’t scale down their performance to match the size of the room. With everyone packed in like sardines, Milkie and Sam’s energy quickly swept through the crowd to the point where it felt we were going to stamp through the floorboards.

The stage presence of supporting artists Bambie Thug and Death Blooms can’t be glossed over either. Despite never having heard of either of them, I enjoyed their sets just as much as WARGASM’s. Their respective energy and music matched the atmosphere perfectly, kicking the night off effortlessly as if they were the headliners. It’s no wonder WARGASM member Sam Matlock advocated for them so strongly in their interview with URN Rock Show.

''WARGASM certainly didn’t scale down their performance to match the size of the room''

We were also given a taste of what to expect from the pair’s upcoming releases, with them playing a new song they described as “rave metal.” Despite only learning the words moments earlier, the crowd all joined together to chant the chorus “drink, f*ck, fight, love” as Milkie threw around her shock of white hair and Sam climbed on top of the speakers. It’s hard to predict what WARGASM are going to put out next, but they don’t show any signs of slowing down.

Written by: Lucas Mannion

Edited by: Amrit Virdi

Featured image and in-article images and videos courtesy of WARGASM via Facebook.