Live Review: Royal Republic @ Rock City

The Mic joined the crowd at Rock City on the second night of Royal Republic’s five-month long tour of Europe following their latest release, ‘Club Majesty’.

If there’s one thing that Royal Republic has more than anyone, it’s energy. Their jumpy vibe is enough to get you excited whether you’re a diehard fan or a newbie to their music.

Image credit: Press.

Adam Grahn, the frontman, has the Freddie Mercury-esque ability of making the whole crowd feelinvolved in each song, as well as the show as a whole. His confidence is clear from his attitude, but his down-to-earth chats to the audience in between songs reassure the crowd that he’s just a normal guy who’d be cool to hang out with. Much like Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, Grahn surprises the audience by inviting a fan on stage and letting them play guitar for a bit.

'Royal Republic managed to put smiles on the faces of the whole crowd, as well as making us jump around'.

The crowd sang along not only to classics such as Underwear and Tommy-Gun, but also to the new, more disco-like songs Anna-Leigh and Baby. The band played three encores – one of which was a song by another band. Grahn then asked the audience whether we preferred British or American heavy metal; after a phenomenal round of cheering to vote for either Metallica or Iron Maiden, it was made clear that the overwhelming consensus was the latter. Finally, they played Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark to close their massive set, which was met with great success.

In all, the night was just overarchingly fun. Royal Republic managed to put smiles on the faces of the whole crowd, as well as making us jump around. In that way, it was noticeably a shared experience, as I was laughing along with other fans whenever the frontman made a joke. Pulling faces as they stare at fans in their disco-outfits, Royal Republic evidently have the key ability to make their fans feel happy.