Live Review: overpass @ The Chameleon

After interviewing overpass, Millie Hopcott was very excited to see them play live at The Chameleon, as she shares her thoughts.

Their Instagram and Tiktok accounts often showcase the energy and excitement felt at their gigs, so I was looking forward to experiencing it myself. Despite being a relatively new up-and-coming band, the show was sold out, and by the time overpass came on stage, The Chameleon was absolutely rammed. I was stood in the third row, but because of the small venue layout, I couldn’t actually see any of the band on stage as they were at the same level I was! This didn’t really matter, though, as they were very loud!

Whilst the band were sorting themselves out on stage and making sure microphones were in the right place; the crowd started chanting, “Up the overpass, overpass, up the overpass”, in the typical football-like chant. From the very beginning, it was obvious that everyone was excited to have a sing and a dance to the Brummie band. It was interesting to see what kinds of people were in the crowd.

Despite being a mostly young male audience, there was still a range of ages and people in the crowd.

The band played all of their released songs, such as Stop the Clock and Otherside of Midnight, but they also played a number of covers. What struck me was when they played ­­Cocoon by Catfish and the Bottlemen, and lead singer Max sounded just like Catfish’s frontman, Van McCann, albeit a Brummie version of him! Don’t get me wrong; overpass are not trying to be Catfish and the Bottlemen nor any other popular indie band. They have their own unique sound that features a nod to bands such as Catfish, Inhaler, and Oasis. overpass’ songs include the anthemic sounds of classic indie songs, which shows why their live shows are so enjoyable, as everyone can join in and sing along.

''They have their own unique sound that features a nod to bands such as Catfish, Inhaler, and Oasis''

The crowd especially liked the band’s new single Changes. People were getting on their friends’ shoulders and singing along to the songs. The venue was that small that the people on friends’ shoulders were nearly banging their heads on the ceiling! It was plain to see the genuine enjoyment the crowd had, as well as the clear gratitude the band had to be able to get their music out there. Going by the crowd's energy in Nottingham, I can only imagine the success that awaits overpass in the coming years. They will be playing arenas before we know it!

Millie Hopcott


Edited by: Amrit Virdi

Featured image and in-article images and videos courtesy of overpass via Facebook and YouTube.