Live Review: Jalle @ Suede Bar

Nottingham’s own Jalle rocked an intimate show for his I’m Sorry EP launch last night, in arguably the best venue to hold a gig- a pizza kitchen! Millie Hopcott reviews.

Despite arriving too late for the free pizza, the impressive talent of Jalle and his small band surely made up for it! Though the venue was small, there was nothing small about the energy and enthusiasm felt in the audience.

Jalle took us on a journey through his new EP, expressing his love for what he does, making sure to include the crowd in his excitement. What was most notable about the gig was the big ‘family feel’ felt throughout the audience. There was a very diverse and inclusive crowd where everyone felt comfortable to enjoy the live music in their own way.

A particularly heart-warming moment of the gig was when Jalle’s son or perhaps nephew (who was about 3 years old) was encouraged to come on stage and join in, but ended up being too shy, which made it even more adorable! Continuing the family feel, Jalle brought his mum on stage to thank her for everything she had done for him. This just personifies the pure likeability and genuine character of Jalle.

''The positive vibes and energy of the night were sky-high''

Another quirky moment of the gig was when Jalle announced that he was going to throw some disposable cameras in to the crowd for the audience to take pictures, so that he could collect them in at the end to get some unbeatable memories developed from the night. It added to the intimacy of the gig, and made the audience feel a part of the exciting new launch!

The positive vibes and energy of the night were sky-high which made it a very exciting opportunity to be able to see a local breakout artist perform in his home city. Jalle is definitely one to watch.

Written by: Millie Hopcott

Edited by: Amrit Virdi

Featured image and in-article images and videos courtesy of Jalle via Facebook and YouTube.