Live Review: Glass Animals @ Rock City

Oxford band, Glass Animals, took to the Rock City stage in Nottingham showcasing their hallucinogenic sound in their Dreamland tour. Phoebe Millard reviews.

The venue was jam packed from the beginning, even on the balcony, with everyone eager to get a spot close to the front, drawn in by the bright lights and stage props. With the support act, Biig Piig, kicking off the night with a lively performance featuring crowd interaction, jazzy saxophone breakdowns and entrancing dance moves, the night was set up for success from the beginning.

The band were surrounded by set pieces inspired by the Dreamlands album art, including a basketball hoop with a backdrop of bright, neon lights. The vibrant light show added to the energy of the performance of frontman Dave Baley. The use of psychedelic tropical colours played to the audience, energising the crowd and putting them in a trance all at the same time.

Using the crowd to their benefit, Glass Animals taunted them with beat drops to create suspense and even passed out a pineapple to one lucky audience member during the beginning of Pork Soda. Utilising the catchy ‘clap-along’ parts of their songs, they encouraged the crowd to join in, resulting in the audience almost acting as one big instrument.

''These familiar sounds were transitioned seamlessly into the set''

The band performed with explosive stage presence, with most dressed in casual streetwear and Dave wearing his classic cropped American football shirt. They were showing natural chemistry throughout the night, expressed via multiple guitar duets.

Understandably the set focused on promoting the new Dreamlands album. However, they still included a generous amount of off their second album, How To Be A Human Being, and a couple of songs off of their first album, ZABA. These familiar sounds were transitioned seamlessly into the set.

The band concluded the night with a two-song encore consisting of the heavy beat of Tokyo Drifting, followed by Heat Waves to finish the night off. Multiple times throughout the encore Dave turned his microphone around to the audience whilst watching in awe along with his band members. Sadly, but inevitably, the set came to an end and was followed by several minutes of cheering.

It was clear to see how much performing meant to the band, especially at the end with the help of a roaring Rock City crowd. You could see the sheer excitement in their faces to have successfully completed another astounding performance. If not evident enough by the bands faces, Dave Baley assured the crowd that we were, quote on quote, “one of the best crowds we have ever performed to” followed by it being “a night to remember,” and he was right - it will be a special night for all of us to remember.

Written by: Phoebe Millard

Edited by: Amrit Virdi

Featured image courtesy of Rock City via Facebook.

In-article images and videos courtesy of Glass Animals via Facebook and YouTube.