Live Review: Fratellis @ Rock City

Megan Mahoney shares her thoughts on Fratellis' take on the Rock City stage, as Max Harries showcases his photography for The Mic.

Have you ever been to a gig where you only know one song? I did, and I had the most unexpectedly amazing night.

Like many a UoN student, you can find me on the Crisis dance floor singing drunkenly to Chelsea Dagger. It’s a Rock City classic, arguably in the same realm as Mr Brightside or Fluorescent Adolescent. The Fratellis on 4 April at Rock City did not do an average rendition of Chelsea Dagger.

Their whole set was anything but average. The band, consisting of three endearing middle aged Scottish men, were accompanied onstage by a saxophonist and three backup singers (pictured below) whose enthusiasm was infectious. Watching them sing and shimmy their way through the 19 song set truly made the evening.

Quite frankly, I’d pay just to see the backup singers again, who in fact are a 1920s trio who specialise in Gatsby Speakeasy. The crowd were loving it, from the ‘lads’ who were enjoying a night off from A Level business revision to the wives who had been dragged along begrudgingly by their husbands and ended up having the best time.

Fan favourites included Whistle for the Choir and a cover of Yes Sir I Can Boogie (which after the first chorus I realised I recognised!). Despite not knowing every lyric, it was easy to pick up the riffs and have a boogie along. Like many in the crowd, I was eagerly anticipating Chelsea Dagger and was not disappointed.

The atmosphere was electric and sweaty and full of 00s nostalgia. If a band comes to Nottingham and you only know one song, go along and you might surprise yourself with how much you’ll enjoy your night.

Megan Mahoney


Edited by: Amrit Virdi

Featured image and in-article images and videos courtesy Max Harries. Permission to use granted to The Mic.