Live Review: Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn @ Rescue Rooms

Rescue Rooms is packed with a crowd raring to see this fast-rising duo from Brighton, reports Regan Gishen.

With the brilliant Finn Foxell supporting, the place is already buzzing as eager faces looking towards the stage. Harvey Gunn enters, a tall but quiet presence behind the decks. Someone shouts “Harvey I love you!” next to me to which he smiles modestly. Wearing big orange glasses, vocalist Frankie Stew joins his beat maker on stage and greets the Nottingham crowd before getting into the first song. The immediate change in energy is incredible to experience as the gig begins with Harvey laying crisp sounding hip-hop beats over lush vocal samples and Frankie starts rapping introspective and personal lyrics. “My friend said this music sounds deep, well it’s a deep year, and I’m a deep boy with deep thoughts so I speak here” sets the tone, a cut from their latest album ‘Handle With Care’ which was released earlier this year.

The LP is bold, earnest and unapologetic, and the crowd latches onto every word

The LP is bold, earnest and unapologetic, and the crowd latches onto every word. In an intimate venue like Rescue Rooms the music fills out the place, and you can really feel the warmth and emotion coming from two artists who deliver a style which is more than just downbeat, it’s down to earth. A thoroughly enjoyable gig, and definitely a duo to keep an eye on.

Written by: Regan Gishen

Edited by: Joe Hughes

Featured image and in-article images and videos courtesy of Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn via Facebook and YouTube.