Live Review: DJ Seinfeld @ Koko

As the sun began to set over North London, electronic music fans from far and wide flocked to the palatial Koko, readying themselves for something truly spectacular. Tristan Phipps reviews:

After a ground-breaking live debut at Earth (Hackney) in October, DJ Seinfeld has well and truly written a new chapter of his story. His second album, ‘Mirrors’, was launched shortly after to widespread acclaim, with hits such as ‘U Already Know’ spiralling the Swedish selector to stardom. Looking to cement his position in the upper echelons of European dance music, DJ Seinfeld returned to one of London’s more glamourous venues: the impressive Koko, situated on the fringes of the ever vibrant Camden Town. Promising a stellar visually impressive experience to bring his new projects an old favourites to life, the crowd was rightly raring to go.

Pushing through the sea of excited ravers in search of the front, we were met with a barrage of flashing lights, as the Swedish house extraordinaire cascaded into his set. Within minutes, the grand Koko was set to take off, as the audience were treated to a collection of crowd-pleasing, upbeat tracks from sophomore album ‘Mirrors’ and his acclaimed ‘Mescalita EP’. In a set full of buoyant wonder, it is something of a challenge to locate a high point. However, within a matter of minutes, the audience was swaying and leaping to the vibrant, synth laden ‘Dreams of U & Me above the Mezcal Moon’. At such an early point through the set, it was clear by the euphoria bursting throughout the venue that DJ Seinfeld’s live show was worth the hype. With the set spanning an hour in total, each track, each moment being held in the joyous nether-zone, felt even more precious.

"DJ Seinfeld isn’t what you’d call an enigma. As far as he’s concerned, his heart is on his sleeve"

Moving through the set, we were wooed by further classics, such as ‘U’ and ‘Walking With Ur Smile’. However, it was the nostalgic ‘These Things Will Come To Be’ which made time stand still. A long build up, loaded with floaty harps and dreamy pads created the perfectly light texture. The long awaited introduction of the kick sent the front rows into raptures, as friends and strangers turned to each other in excitement or disbelief. DJ Seinfeld claimed he wanted to ‘tour in a way that connects with the audience in a more direct and personal way’. Not only has he achieved his goal here, but he succeeded in creating an environment which enabled the audience to connect with one another. I think we can all agree that those gigs are the most memorable.

In an era loaded with cryptic, mysterious DJ’s and producers, DJ Seinfeld isn’t what you’d call an enigma. As far as he’s concerned, his heart is on his sleeve. He promised fans a scintillating live show with a visual experience to match. Paired with some of the most beautiful, joyous electronic music in the world right now, it’s fair to say he delivered so much more. As the set came to what felt like a premature end, every fan left with an extra bounce in their step.

By combining the vibrancy of upbeat breaks, the suave styles of groovy electronica, audience charisma and the connection of deep and progressive house, DJ Seinfeld has crafted something beautiful with his second London live show. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for the third.

Tristan Phipps


Featured image courtesy of DJ Seinfeld via Facebook. In article videos courtesy of DJ Seinfeld and Boiler Room via YouTube.