Cigarettes After Sex @ Rock City

On a cold November Sunday there was no better place to be than at Rock City as Cigarettes after Sex lulled the crowd with their dreamy noir pop.

Dressed in black leather jackets and jeans, set against a series of black and white projections, the Brooklyn based four-piece serenaded the crowd. Their hushed and subdued tone made all the more atmospheric as images like a crying girl or video of a child playing with reflections filled the back drop.

Forming in 2008 the band found their audience through the internet, with their EP gaining millions of listeners (accompanied with some very amusing comments) through Youtube, seemingly overnight. However it wasn’t until June this year were listeners gifted with the self-titled LP. The ambiance is consistent throughout with its echoing guitars, washes of ambient synthesisers and softly tapped drums.

Opening with Sunsetz it became clear how their music is often said to soothe sleep anxiety. The sound is elemental, romantic and is reminiscent of lying in bed late at night (as the band’s name suggests). Songs like K and Nothing’s Gonna Hurt you Baby received big applauses and shouts from the crowd as couples tightened their embraces and friends beamed at each other. Another stand out track is their cover of REO Speedwagon’s Keep on Loving You with its echoey intro and lengthy build.

From selling out the Bodega last November to filling Rock City this year, Cigarettes After Sex are a band certainly worth keeping an eye on.