Live Review: Cavetown @ Rock City

Despite waiting in the freezing cold for what felt like forever (but probably only 30 minutes), Millie Hopcott was excited to get into the gig and soak up the atmosphere of Cavetown's take on Nottingham's Rock City, as she shares her thoughts on the performance.

I knew Cavetown had a dedicated fan base, but I was not prepared for the sheer intensity of screams when he took to the stage! Without any need for talking, he went straight into his first song, Fool, which was met with even more screams. The whole crowd knew every word to the song, swaying and singing, completely mesmerised by the musicians on the stage.

As I looked around, I could see a big range of ages in the audience, all clearly very excited to be seeing Cavetown live. It was particularly sweet to see young groups of friends giggling at each other and jumping up and down with excitement when their favourite songs were being played. The crowd's excitement only intensified when Cavetown said charmingly, ''Hey besties!'', making everyone smile. He was very good at making everyone feel like he was their friend, telling anecdotes about different songs and friends he took as inspiration. At one point during the show, he brought out support act and friend, Sara Kays, to sing a song with him, which the crowd very much enjoyed.

What struck me was the number of pride flags held up during the gig. Several people had actual flags, whereas many others had pictures of the different LGBTQI+ flags on their phones and proudly held them up. It was heart-warming to see a gig turn into such a safe space for many people, especially younger people. It was clear that Cavetown and his music was very important to so many people in the crowd, and it was quite a joyous experience seeing his fans freely express themselves and enjoy the music. It felt like a very safe environment to be able to be your genuine self.

''It was heart-warming to see a gig turn into such a safe space for many people, especially younger people''

When looking around the edges of the crowd, you could see lots of parents who had brought their children to see the show. There were lots of dads who stood around the edge watching the show while their child was presumably in the heart of the crowd. It was a very wholesome sight. As the gig went on, the crowd were still singing every word to every song Cavetown played. The fans went particularly crazy for his songs Lemon Boy and Sweet Tooth, with many people getting on their friend's shoulders to enjoy the song even more; you could see Robbie on stage smiling at them as he played. It wasn't hard to see why his fans love him so much. With his striking vocal and musical talent shining through for the whole concert, it was an impressive live show.

Millie Hopcott


Edited by: Amrit Virdi

Featured image and in-article images and videos courtesy of Cavetown via Facebook and YouTube.