Little Comets soon to visit Rescue Rooms

Little Comets burst onto the indie scene in 2011 with their debut album ‘In Search of the Elusive Little Comets’ holding feel good classics like ‘Dancing Song’ of shampoo advert fame. Fuelled with jangly guitar riffs and snappy beats they return for a UK tour, playing at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms on 17th February.

Returning to the smaller venue, their youthful energy will guarantee a vibrant gig with no shortage of carefree dancing. Armed with their third album ‘Hope is just a state of mind’ they have the freedom to choose from a range of songs for their setlist; their last tour adding up to a full 20 songs ensuring fans will be treated with both the old and the new. Fans should expect moments of teenage euphoria as well as darker mellow melodies throughout, leaving no one bored.

For a band who could have easily fizzled out after their debut album they have stood the test of time and managed to hold their own in a fast changing industry. Back with complex choral harmonies and a more mature sound, Little Comets have finally grown up and it will be interesting to see where the gig will take them.



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