Interview with JAWS

Ahead of their upcoming UK tour being seen as the final showing of their second album ‘Simplicity’, including a leg of the tour in Sheffield, we managed to catch up with Birmingham indie rockers JAWS! Here’s what they had to say:

(1) How did JAWS form?

We formed at Halesowen College in 2012, I had some demos written and wanted to try and play them live so asked the guys if they wanted to start a band and here we are! 

(2) Is there a story behind the band’s name?

Kind of, I wanted to get a demo online and I had no name, I was thinking of characters from film and TV and JAWS from James Bond came up, ended up going with that!

(3) Who would you say have been your biggest influences as JAWS?

Tough one I don’t really have like a direct influence, we listen to so much varied music and i think thats kind of unique thing about us, me and eddy used to play in Hardcore bands which is a totally different sound but thats the scene that we used to be around and learned how to play live music in, I think we’ve taken elements of that into JAWS.

(4) Would you say you prefer being in the studio recording new material or playing live shows?

They’re both totally different experiences in my eyes and I love both so I can’t choose. In the studio you get to be super creative and make your ideas real. On stage you get to show that off. 

(5) What was the first music festival you went to – as a fan or indeed as a band?

Camp Bestival, I’d never been to a festival before being in JAWS which is kind of funny because I’ve been into music all my life but yeah it was Camp Bestival. No idea who played, can’t remember much about it. I don’t think I’ve been to a festival as a fan yet either.

(6) Do you have a favourite venue/city to play live? (They don’t have to be the same!)

Anywhere in Birmingham, you can’t beat that hometown energy. I love playing there. any venue, any time.

(7) If you had to only play festivals or headline sets for the rest of your career, which would you prefer?

Headline festival sets

(8) Do you have a favourite song to play live?

I love playing Be Slowly, always crazy energy for that song 

(9) What are your ambitions for JAWS for the future?

We have a little bit of touring for the rest of 2017 then we’re gonna continue with writing and see what happens 🙂

And finally..

(10) If you could have written one song in history yourself, what would you have preferred it to be?

Smashing Pumpkins – 1979, probably my favourite song of all time, such a nostalgic feel to it