Krept and Konan delivered an explosive set at Rescue Rooms

The night opened with up and coming rapper Yungen who worked the crowd into a frenzy. His infamous grime track Ain’t on Nuttin’ set the tone for the night ahead, as the crowd responded energetically. Yungen’s take on Pepper Riddim and 0 to 100 sealed the crowd’s approval as he was received with rapturous shouts from the crowd. Before it was even 8 o’clock, Rescue Rooms had witnessed one of the many mosh pits that would occur that night, with Yungen orchestrating a wall of death, which included the entire audience. Special praise must also be given to DJ Docta Cosmo, who maintained the energy levels between interludes. A mixture of grime and American rap kept the crowd on their toes; with Docta Cosmo parading on stage with confidence, even attempting the Shmurda dance.

Finally, with the crowd hyped and the stage prepped with a London underground theme, Krept and Konan burst out on stage to the Rick Ross collaborative track Certified.  The upbeat rhythm and heavy bass was only a taster of what we were to expect from the south London duo. Krept and Konan had clearly put a lot of thought into the structure of their set. A mixture of old and new. From fresh releases to covers from their very early days. The first two tracks suggested we were in for an exciting evening.

And wow did they live up to their expectations. The intimate venue was perfect for their bone-shaking beats and lively melodies. This alone made it one of the most impressive sets I have ever watched. This was epitomized when they performed Do It For The Gang, another new track featuring Wiz Khalifa. Krept and Konan maintained the firework like atmosphere playing fast paced tracks back to back.

Although it seemed that Krept and Konan were starting to dial down the performance with slower, more heartfelt songs such as My Story, they sparked the crowd’s fuse again. Lethal Bizzle, who was due to play Oceana later that night made a guest appearance and performed his hit Fester Skank alongside the duo. From there the pace picked up, as they played the track one group of men had been screaming for since the opening act. Don’t Waste My Time boomed through the venue, as the room shook and the people roared along to the lyrics.

Wretch 32 could be seen high upon the balcony, going just as wild as the crowd below. This led into their lead single off the album Freak of the Week. Krept and Konan went all out. Erotic dancers entered the stage, Krept had jumped into the crowd and continued to rap whilst he moshed away with them. It was refreshing to see that although they are experiencing the dizzy heights of fame, they were still down to earth and weren’t ‘too big’ to be jumping into the relatively small crowd compared to the bigger venues they had sold out.

When Krept was eventually fished out of the crowd by security, they thanked Nottingham for being one of best crowds they had performed for on their tour. It was certainly a show worthy of being their final one. Overall, Krept and Konan delivered a fantastic performance. It is no surprise, based off this gig that they have been snapped up by Virgin EMI Records and being conditioned to break America.



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