Kodaline @ Rock City, 09/03/2015

Opening the show, and offering an upbeat and quirky prelude to the main act of the night, were up-and-coming bands White Chalk – a beautifully arranged seven-piece group playing in the UK for the very first time – and The Mispers, a more electronic, alternative group showcasing their unusual combination of both synthesisers, a violin, and guitars. Both groups kept the crowd entertained, whether it was through the enthusiastic guitar playing of Conor Quinn, frontman of White Chalk, or the rather hilarious dance moves of Jack Balfour Scott, leading The Mispers.

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The house lights soon going down for the final time that evening, and the stage lights arising, the evening’s group we had all paid for took their positions; Irish born-and-bred foursome, Kodaline. Playing a fabulous 90 minute set with songs from both their first album, “In a Perfect World”, and their hit new album, “Coming Up For Air”, which hit our shelves last month, the group kept the crowd captivated with energetic anthems such as ‘Ready’, and mandolin-driven classic ‘Love Like This’, right until they closed with soulful ballad ‘All I Want.’ Not a song went by where the dedicated audience weren’t singing along with as much zest as they could muster.

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By Celia-Jayne Matthews



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