Kitty, Daisy and Lewis brought the whole family to the Bodega!

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis stopped off at The Bodega, as part of their UK tour, promoting last year’s release ‘The Third’.

We arrived at a packed Bodega just in time for the siblings set. I’d been a fan for a few years but this was my first time of seeing them live. Kitty, the youngest of the three took to the stage first wearing a funky diamond jumpsuit. They kicked off the set with songs from their latest release, including ‘Baby Bye Bye’, a song that you’ll be humming in your head for days after you hear it. Defining them as one genre is difficult; they span an array of genres and have been influenced by many different ones, R&B, pop, swing and ska being some of them.

The trio have played music together since a young age with their first album being released when Kitty was 15. Kitty, Daisy & Lewis all alternated the instruments they were playing, with Lewis swapping between drums, piano and guitar with ease. Watching interviews through the years you can see just how much they have matured. The sound has matured too, with the latest release sounding more produced and less raw than their first self-titled album. Their mum and dad join them on stage at every show, playing guitar and bass respectively.

Completing the line up on the night was long-time friend of the band 83 year old Jamaican trumpeter Eddie ‘Tan Tan’ Thornton joined the band on stage, shouting ‘hey, hey, hey’ and whispering ‘I love you’ to the crowd after each song made him instantly likable. His brass section added an element which helped bring some of their songs to life, particularly ‘Whenever you see me’, which got the crowd chanting and clapping.

They finished the set with their most well-known song ‘Going up the country’ which saw Kitty on vocals and Daisy on the snare drum take centre stage. They then came back for an encore, ending the set with ‘Say You’ll be a Mine’ and ‘Mean Son of a Gun’. My favourite song of the night was ‘No Action’ with Daisy’s haunting vocals. Other songs to note were ‘Developers disease’, which voiced their opinion on the development of their hometown Camden.

They are a band that, surprisingly, after three releases still doesn’t have a massive following in the UK. Generally the venues they play in Europe are a larger capacity which is probably why they don’t tour the UK as much. This UK tour heads to many cities, including a special show for Exeter Cavern’s 25th Anniversary and they will no doubt appear at many festivals this summer with a slot at Bestival already announced, and If you happen to be going, then you should definitely see their set.



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