Keston Cobblers Club @ The Bodega, 22/10/15

Keston Cobblers Club provided the perfect medium between folk, soul, acoustic and vintage music.

This band was one of the best surprises to come out of a trip to The Bodega.  Think the Lumineers crossed with Mumford and Sons; with a hint of Van Morrison cool.  They took folk music and combined it with husky, warm, current voices to create a funky, timeless sound that all ages could appreciate.

The enjoyment the band felt whilst playing live resonated from them, and was clearly reflected on the beaming faces of the crowd.  Unsurprisingly the gig ended with us chanting for more, and involved them playing in and among us, showing their true colours and real love of what they do whilst surrounded by new and old fans, appreciating their unique sound.  Their music was current, it was vintage, it was the perfect combination of folk and soul, which transported the audience anywhere they needed it to.

They had the crowd perfectly placed between moments of silent wonder; with moments of dad dancing at it’s best.  Whether they transfixed us with their beautiful lyrics, for example in ‘Contrail’, or with their phenomenal three or even four part harmonies, the band had every member of the audience captured.  They were the whole package; incredibly talented musicians, with the personalities and stage presence that showed the audience how and why we love music.

Definitely one to watch, with new album ‘Wildfire’ recently released, I hope they return to Nottingham in the near future and continue to spread the joy they created in the intimate venue.

By Emma Hulston



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