Kanye dropped two new tracks 2 weeks ago and we’ve only just realised

Mr. West, Yeezy, The Louis Vuitton Don, Mr. Future President, King of Glastonbury, call him what you want … he’s back.

14 days ago, Kanye posted to his Soundcloud ‘When I See It’ and a ‘Say You Will’ remix featuring the wonderful Caroline Shaw.  But why?  Could this be a teaser for a new album or did Kanye fancy playing around with some old tracks in his spare time?  Who knows, the man is a labyrinth of wonder.

“Are they good?” I hear you ask.  Of course.  “Are they great?” I hear you shout.  Sure.  “Are they f*cking jaw-droppingly incredible?” I hear you scream at the top of your lungs.  Meh.  Well, that’s a bit harsh; ‘Say You Will’ is mesmerising beyond all concepts of Kanye reality, giving the ’08 hit an eerie gothic edge.  ‘When I See It’ however, cuts out after just 1 minute 43 seconds … leaving us for little to actually review.  Ah well.  I’m sure if there’s a Yeezus: Resurrected LP coming out soon,  we’ll see these two gems feature.

These new tracks come off the back of some rather strange times for the rapper/producer/fashion extraordinaire, after having auditioned for American Idol just the other week and potentially running for Presidency in 2020.

But of course, in true Kanye style, he’s disabled the ability for us to embed his songs to our site so you’ll have to follow this wonderfully crafted link to hear the two tracks for yourself –> Super Kanye Music Portal.

By Luke Matthews



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