Kano ‘Made in the Manor’ review

2016, the year in which Grime music is the next best thing- could there be a better time for Kano to make an appearance? Clearly not because this grime veteran is back, bigger and better than ever before with the release of his new album ‘Made in the Manor’.

This exclusive album, featuring the likes of Grime legends Giggs and JME, reveals the shallow experiences of living life on the streets of East London. Jumping straight in with heavy drum ‘n’ bass track ‘Hail’, we’re instantly drawn into an effortlessly brilliant album. Track no. 2 ‘T.shirt Weather in the Manor’ represents only the best reflection of London- summertime madness! At least this is what Kano is commiserating when he spits bars about how success, jealousy and broken friendships lead to London’s biggest problems. Throughout the entire album he’s pointing out the streets he grew up on, the streets stemming from the ‘class of free school dinners’. Absolute banger ‘3 Wheels Up’ (featuring Wiley and Giggs) marks the best of Kano’s return and touches on exactly what it means to be a London ‘Rudeboy’.

Mid-album, Kano unravels his emotions in his heartfelt track ‘Lil Sis’. This song stands amongst others to symbolise personal upsets and unsettled memories with special dedication to his younger sibling. His guilt and regret spills when he talks about forgetting his little sister, touching on the moments of her life that he missed out on and questioning the extent to which she thinks about him. Of course, a heartfelt song is kind of mandatory for any callous grime artist but Kano pulls this one out of the bag and pushes ‘Lil Sis’ into my top 3 of this album. ‘A Roadman’s Hymn’ follows closely, focusing on the important traits of being in a ‘mandem’ in the East side- loyalty and forgiveness.

It’s safe to say Kano has put together one of 2016’s sickest albums. Along with those enlisted above, ‘My Sound’ and ‘GarageSkank Freestyle’ are two other tracks which should be applauded- and that’s only to highlight my favourites. The entire album is great- filled with variety and talent, it’s guaranteed to see the beginning of a sell-out summer for Kano!



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