Kaiser Chiefs @ Rock City

With a discography spanning almost two decades, the Kaiser Chiefs have become loved by Generation Y, Millennials and Generation Z alike. Some of their best-known songs include “I Predict a Riot”, “Ruby” and “Oh My God”. With a prospective album releasing early 2019, they have gone on their first UK tour since 2017, stopping at Nottingham’s Rock City. The crowd inside the venue reflected their long career with people of any and every age turning out in their hundreds to support a staple of British Rock.

The support, Novacub, was a good warm up for what was to come. As they lead us through their musical journey the crowd started getting more involved, going from no movement or noise to unmitigated dancing and cheering. All in all, a great start to what was going to be an amazing gig. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the dullness of the stage, everything covered in white sheets with only Novacub’s gear at the front. As the Kaiser Chiefs’ set was due to start, stage technicians barged in and tore all the sheets off to reveal all the instruments and KAISER CHIEFS spelled out in massive wooden, plant covered letters. Rick Wilson, the frontman, was closely followed by his 4 band mates and the crowd came back to life. Lights were flashing onto Wilson who was stood on a raised platform. The first song was “Saturday Night”, coming straight from their album ‘Employment‘ released back in 2005.

Whereas some artists can be very boring and simple in their performance, Rick Wilson was one of the best I’ve seen, swinging the mic around, playing with the stand, using the raised platform to his advantage (which he nearly fell off of at some point and laughed about), sliding around the stage and interacting with his band mates and the crowd. After their first song, they played some new ones from their new album. They reminded me of their earlier work with “Wait” being a standout song for me. Despite the crowd not knowing the words they were still trying and bopping along.

The real standout moment was when the KC played their “classics”: “Everyday I Love You Less and Less”, “Ruby”, “The Angry Mob” and “I Predict a Riot”. The energy was electric. Everybody yelling at the top of their lungs, people of all ages dancing together as one. The last song was “Retirement” but we hadn’t had enough so they came back for a last hurrah, ending with “Oh My God”.

Overall the whole night was outstanding. The Kaiser Chiefs showed no sign of career fatigue and delivered what Ricky Wilson promised: “If you haven’t seen the Kaiser Chiefs before welcome to the wonderful world that is the Kaiser Chiefs”. The setlist was fairly balanced between albums and the addition of songs from their new album was refreshing. Despite being in a smaller venue, the performance felt suited to an arena with the heavy use of confetti, fake leaves and air cannons, strobes and colourful lighting and an epic performance from the band. If you ever get the opportunity to see the Kaiser Chiefs don’t even hesitate. I promise you won’t regret it.

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