Live Review: junodream @ Bodega

Last Friday at the Bodega was indie heaven! The psychedelic indie band, junodream, played to a small but excited crowd for their second time performing in our wonderful Nottingham. Millie Hopcott gives us the lowdown.

Two fantastic up-and-coming indie bands supported the headliner: Pentire and Lime Garden. First to play were Pentire, a young group of likeable lads who enjoyed their time on stage. With lots of noise and jumping around, Pentire warmed up the crowd nicely. Second were Lime Garden, the extremely talented all-girl band who were very impressive. Lead vocalist Chloe effortlessly cruised her way through the set, emanating complete coolness! These are definitely are a band to listen to if you're a fan of indie rockers. Then finally, after much anticipation, the fabulous junodream took to the stage. They introduced themselves with smiles across their faces and began their set.

What I found particularly intriguing was how lead singer, Ed, gave brief prefaces to each song, explaining the meaning behind the lyrics. From hating your mother-in-law to anxiety to intrusive phone adverts- they really had it all! Regardless of the lyrics, the crowd enjoyed every note the band played. All five of the band were clearly absolutely enthralled by the hypnotic music they were playing, jumping around on stage having a great time. The band's high energy fed into the crowd as we could all see how excitable they were. It was so lovely to see how genuinely happy the lads were to be on stage performing.

"'To the Moon'- despite that, it's still a 'shit song'"

One thing that can be said about junodream is that they are incredibly humble. Ed was talking about one of their songs, 'To the Moon', which had reached 5 million streams on Spotify, despite them not mastering it, thinking it was a bad song. He ended the story by saying how, despite that, it's still a 'shit song'. The group were very amusing and were loved by the crowd. If you get the chance to see one of their live shows, grab it before they get too famous for small venues like Bodega!

Millie Hopcott


Edited by: Joe Hughes

Featured image courtesy of junodream via Facebook