Josh Homme amongst cast unveiled for the ‘loudest’ silent movie ‘Gutterdämmerung&#

Director Bjorn Tagemose has assembled an all star rock and roll rogues gallery for his latest film ‘Gutterdämmerung’, the world’s loudest silent movie. The film’s cast are being released sequentially – with big names such as Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme and Lemmy of Motorhead, not to mention the iconic Iggy Pop.

The film is to be screened with an accompanying live band to provide the score to what will certainly be the most in your face silent films to have graced the silver screen – not a tinkle of piano in sight. Homme is to be armed with a bazooka poetically referred to as ‘Death’s Dominion’ whilst Iggy Pop is to appear as some form of punk angel, complete with wings and horns.

The film shares its name with the final part of Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen. This opera engaged with the ‘Ragnarök’ of Norse mythology and as a result it is sure to feature cataclysmic levels of violence as well as engaging with numerous themes including religion and death.

Although you will most likely only be able to catch a screening of ‘Gutterdämmerung’ in London, or Berlin if that proves in some way preferable, it is sure to be an unmissable experience for fans of rock music and cinema alike.