John Newman – ‘Cheating’ (remix EP) review

It seems 23 year old soul sensation John Newman hasn’t vacated the charts over the past year, guiding Rudimental to stupendous success with Feel the Love, and later entering solo with his debut, international smash Love me Again, Newman is the definition of a breath of fresh-air.

Second-single from debut-album Tribute, Cheating, brings a new flavour that has more passion than a Spanish senorita. Newman’s now collaborated with five DJ’s to create the Cheating remixes EP.

Opening with the New York based London duo Freemasons remix, at almost 8 minutes, the track does effortlessly ascend in a celebratory fashion. But where’s the drop? A kick of good ole fashioned drum ‘n’ bass, is what the remix was crying out for, as with the William Carl Jr remix, both lacking that passion that made Newman’s works with Rudimental just so anthemic. Having said that, William Carl Jr is more creative with his version, being particularly synth heavy, but still lacking in something.

The Wayward remix is actually very impressive, toying with the slowed down, lower pitched Newman’s vocals giving it an almost R ‘n’ B twist which adds some flavour!

Veteran breakstep producer DJ Zinc’s mix does seem pretty generic. A house beat that strips the song of its identity in a, forgive me, Avicii way. However, towards the end Zinc does put a clever twist on it through distorting Newman’s vocals, but as with the Wookie remix, it does seem rather unimaginative.

An atmospheric array of remixes, with some interesting elements but throughout, you get the feeling that the EP is crying out for a Naughty Boy type producer to make it really explosive.

As for Newman, with debut-album Tribute set for release, expect bigger and bigger things from the talented Yorkshireman, and that retro haircut that could have been stripped straight from a 90’s barber-shop will no doubt be all over our screens.

By Mikey Smith