Jane Weaver Gig Preview

When Jane Weaver released album The Silver Globe in 2014, it marked a turning point in her sound. Since the release of her first full-length solo album (having been in Britpop outfit, Kill Laura) in 2006, Seven Day Smile, she had been building a reputation as an interesting and often surprising folk song writer, with each successive album experimenting more with psychedelic sounds and song structure. She was even running folk label Bird Records, to which a young Beth Jeans Houghton (now the critics’ darling, Du Blonde) was signed. Her sound was growing with each release, heading for a destination no one could predict.

Weaver’s music envelops you, encouraging you to lose yourself, with only her voice as your leader through her vast soundscape. Where, in her previous albums, this lulled the listener into a sonic slumber, The Silver Globe carries an added excitement and rock driving force, causing the audience to listen attentively without detracting from the etherealness of the music.

This is why now is the perfect time to see her live. Weaver has always created an inimitable atmosphere in her music, and, with the addition of her latest material, that atmosphere is full of light and energy. Having been in the music business for over 20 years, she’s a master of her trade and she’s peaking – it certainly is an exciting time to see Jane Weaver.

Jane Weaver will be playing in Nottingham at The Bodega on 18th October

By Tushara Rose