Jamie T – ‘Carry on the Grudge’ album review

After eagerly waiting for new material from London lad, he has emerged through the darkness to bring us probably his best work yet. The rawness of his atmosphere just makes him so loveable, in any form- what I like about this album. Carry on the Grudge is an emotionally damaged album, subtly hinting to what I can only imagine his life might be like.

In his old age of 28 he seemingly has become a bit of a hopeless romantic. Don’t You Find makes you want to melt and relate a bit to, ‘Don’t you find some of the time, there is always someone on your mind, that shouldn’t be at all, in any place or any kind..’ is repeated through the song, a cry for heartbreak and possibly despair of losing a lost love. In Limits Lie T’s voice croaks across the subtle background sound like salt-water to the face, rough but smooth at the same time. Similarly The Prophet seems to have the running theme of a lonely, bitter man slurring a story through about a lost girl from his life ‘I don’t know what it is that your doing to me, I haven’t cracked a smile since 93..’ But there is a silver lining to every cloud, and with Zombie he has got back his messy, head-banging side of his music. Even the music video to this is spectacular; him and all those surrounding in a seedy little pub, becoming zombies, naturally. A few severed arms, earned him number 1 by the official charts company. Peter is just an aggressive take on the darker side to Jamie, like his alter-ego  is trying to push himself out. “Peter wants to f**k your girl, Peter wants to f**k the world..’ is shouted over the morbidly strummed guitars. Seemingly like another person, but let’s be honest, everyone has a dark side, and T’s is through this song.

Through and through, this album is one full of core emotions and heartbreak, which hacks off slowly at Jamie T. The lyrical genius is back, with a rough, but enjoyable album. I would say probably at the same rankings as Kings & Queens in musical glory. His sweet side is meshed with hate and anger; a more realistic approach to life.

Released on the 21st July, he has set off to a sold-out tour around the country- including our beloved Rock City on the 4th November. I shall thoroughly enjoy seeing him live again, it has been a while old friend.

By Gabriella Ahmed



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