Interview with The Subways’ Charlotte Cooper ahead of March tour

Here at The Mic, we managed to grab an email interview with The Subways bassist Charlotte ahead of their upcoming tour.  The Subways won the hearts of the nation and beyond with their debut ‘Young For Eternity’ back in 2006; nearly 10 years on and not even a scratch to their lineup, they have rekindled their energy and love for music to bring you their fourth, self-titled album.  Released earlier this month, lead single ‘My Heart Is Pumping to a Brand New Beat’ brings back the nostalgic Summer feel of the mid-00’s to a new generation of music, and now that they have one foot firmly fixed in the industry, they’re not giving up just yet!  Find out below what influences them when they write and what we can expect ahead of their show at Rescue Rooms later this month.

The Mic (TM): Hey Charlotte. I’m Gabby here from The Mic. First of all, tell me a little more about you. A short introduction, and a weird/fun fact! Hi Gabby! Its Charlotte doing the questions for you…..I play bass in The Subways and I’m a triathlete in my spare time.

TM: Alright, so how did you guys come about creating music from the very beginning? How did you all meet? Billy and Josh are brothers and I met them at swimming club when we were in our early teens. We started out as three bored teenagers, just wanting playing Nirvana covers and make a lot of noise!

TM: To those unfamiliar with your music, how would you describe it? We’re a rock band – quite heavy in places, but we always like to include a pop melody.

TM: So your new self-titled 4th studio album is being released on the 9th Feb right? Can you tell us a bit about the new material and sort of the key influences/creation process? This is the first time we’ve produced an album ourselves with Billy at the helm, which was a really cool experience. Some of the songs on the album are quite old, and reworked which took us back to what we really love about music, and the energy we had when we first started.

TM: How do you think it sums up where you guys are now, compared to when you started up? We were so young when we first started and we had so much to learn, I hope we’ve matured since the first album, but probably not!

TM: What are your favourite tracks off the new album? My favourite is Just Like Jude – a pop punk tune that’s lots of fun to play live.

TM: So you’re starting your European tour next month; which tour has been your favourite so far and what are you looking forward to in this one? Every tour is awesome! No, really! It’s been great so far, playing all over Europe, but it’ll be great to finish the tour in the UK – a home coming!

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TM: No bias here! Where’s your favourite venue to have performed? Well obviously Rock City and Rescue Rooms in Nottingham are two of the best!

TM: What has been the strangest thing to have ever happen on tour? Every day there’s something out of the ordinary that happens….Billy jumps off stage every night, which is always awesome!

TM: Okay so if you were to live in a particular era of music, which one would it be and why? The 80s! I’d have such big hair and be covered in sequins!

TM: If you could be on any TV show at all, what would it be? My first TV show love was The Sopranos – Meadow’s friend for an episode would be cool!

TM: So you’ve recently released the video for “Taking All the Blame” online – great headbanger by the way, and love the video. What made you decide to do such an interesting video? We’ve done a lot of performance videos in the past, and wanted to represent us playing in a different way. We loved the idea the director had of projecting us on to two people telling the story of the song.

TM: Talking about videos.. which has been your favourite to shoot and why? It has to be Alright. I got to drive a really cool car in the desert just outside LA. Its still the only time I’ve driven an automatic car and the only time I’ve driven abroad! That video was a total adventure.

TM: Okay last question! If you could pick a few songs from your whole career which you love performing live, which would they be? Rock’n’Roll Queen is always a lot of fun – that’s usually the song people know most and its usually pretty crazy in the pit!

TM: Thanks for your time! Thank you!

By Gabriella Ahmed



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