Interview with Alive Like Me – 10/02/2015

The Mic member, Jason Powell, caught up with Alive Like Me, who supported Crown The Empire on their tour of the UK.  You can read below what music means to David and Jairus and how having different musical backgrounds combine to make one killer sound!

Q: What are your names, and what instruments do you play?

David: I’m David, I play bass mostly.

Jairus: I’m Jairus and I mostly play singing!

Q: I hadn’t heard of Alive Like Me before I saw this gig advertised, would you mind giving a brief bio?

J: Alive Like Me is a high energy rock and provided a lot of positivity through its lyrics, so if you want some, come and get it!

Q: How did it start?

D: We’ve been in bands a lot over the years and then took a bit of a break because the bands hit a dead end. But it didn’t take us very long to realise we wanted to pursue music so we started another band and gave it our all, so here we are.

Q: What does making music mean to you?

J: It really just means connecting to people as much as you possibly can and connecting with other bands, making new friends, and seeing the world.

Q: Do you try to send a message across in your music?

D: Definitely a positive message. We like to have most of songs fairly open ended and open to interpretation as far as people take out of it, but definitely a positive message.

Q: So do your songs have a story behind them, or are they very open?

J: A lot of the same type of stuff, like don’t waste time and spend time doing what you love doing.

D: Some of the songs are more specifically themed as well, but there’s a lot of reoccurring themes throughout the record.

Q: What do you think about the progression of music? What do you do to make your music sound new, not the same stuff over again?

J: There’s four types of people in the band and then you put them together, it makes something new.

D: Four different tastes, four different musical backgrounds.

J: We’re not trying to copy anyone else, so it’s very organic and we just get into a room together and write music.

Q: Do you have any inspirational bands?

J: Yeah, we love bands like Taking Back Sunday and The Used.

Q: Do you have a favourite set song you play?

J: Our Time Down Here is my favourite, it’s the last one we usually play…

D: What Did You Expect

Q: Are you surprised at how far you’ve come as a band? Like, we’re you expecting to be touring with Crown the Empire?

J: We’ve definitely gone farther than we all anticipated but…

D: Yeah, a lot of hard work and we have a lot of really awesome people behind us.

Q: Are you currently writing more music?

Both: Definitely, always writing!

Q: Do you have any memorable gigs?

J: We just played in Paris and it was awesome.

D: Amsterdam was an awesome show, so was London, but we’ve had quite a few memorable shows.

Q: Any messages for the readers?

D: Keep an eye out for the next time we’re here, we’ll be back as soon as we can.

J: We love you guys, thank you so much for reading, and we’ll see you soon.

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By Jason Powell



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