• Timothy Nonoo

Interview: Royal Republic

The Mic catches up with drummer Per and bassist Jonas of Royal Republic to have a quick chat about where they came from and where they’re heading next.

Talking about how the band doesn’t like to limit themselves with pointless boundaries, Per muses, ‘we’re not a rock band, but whatever we do is gonna rock. We listen to everything.’ Having their tastes in music span from bands such as TOOL to Earth, Wind and Fire, the band draws influences from all over and evolves with each new album.

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Royal Republic is respected by many for being so diverse. Playing to metal-heads and disco-lovers alike, I asked what it was like on stage at a festival alongside bands such as Slayer and Municipal Waste. ‘I think we’re a good break, a breather’, says Jonas, which sums it up nicely; they still have the energy and the rock attitude, but are a break from the heaviness. They’re more fun.

Neither band member showed any regret towards joining the band. When asked if they knew what would be waiting for them when they joined, Per had this to say: ‘I don’t know. When we started, I was hoping it was gonna last a long time, but you never know. […] We’re four guys and anything can happen’. Jonas also shares the fact that he didn’t know what Royal Republic would turn into but had the privilege of seeing the band before joining, and knew there was something special about it. He maintains that he would’ve still joined if he knew what was in store for him, despite all the hard work.

'Royal Republic is respected by many for being so diverse. [...] They still have the energy and the rock attitude, but are a break from the heaviness'.

In response to the question of when they realised that Royal Republic was going to be their main project, Jonas replies: ‘I got a call from Adam, the frontman, who had just spoken to management – he was like, “pack your suitcases. We’re going to Germany for a month”. Before that we’d only done weekends in Sweden!’.

Royal Republic have just started their five-month long tour after the release of their latest record, Club Majesty. You can catch them in the UK in Newcastle, Hull, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton and London.