Interview: Robin HD

Cat Jordan caught up with Watford-based up-and-coming rapper Robin HD, who has recently released his debut album Colours.

Robin HD is familiar with performing in Nottingham’s live music venues, including I-club and Icon Bar, but he has also travelled further across the country to perform alongside artists such as JME and Jammer. Following the release of Colours, he is looking forward to returning to the live music circuit as soon as possible. In terms of which song from the album he is most excited to see the crowd’s reaction to, he responds “Definitely Yellow, because I feel like it’s got a big happy energy to it. Obviously with the hip-hop vibe, you can get people putting their hands in the air, bopping up and down!” he exclaims. “I think it’s such a feel-good song, especially performing it when it’s sunny or during the summer would be really good, just to vibe with the crowd and have that happy feeling spread,” he further explains. The colour yellow is often associated with summer weather and the infectious energy that surrounds the season, fitting perfectly with the overall concept of Colours: each track is titled after a different colour in the rainbow, which sets the emotional tone of the song.

In terms of which song was Robin HD’s favourite to write from the record, he concludes that the seventh track Pink takes the trophy due to its slightly nostalgic yet optimistic lyrical topic – the memories that he shares with his girlfriend. “Favourite to write? That’s quite an interesting question!” he ponders, “I’d probably say Pink, because I enjoyed writing about my girlfriend, and when you think about all the happy things, like the happy memories, it makes it really easy to write, it just flows really easily. So, that was definitely really fun to write,” he explains. Turning now to a slightly deeper note, Robin HD opened up about which song is the most personal to him from Colours. “The most personal is definitely Purple,” he answers without hesitation, “Because that was me really opening up emotionally on a song for the first time in a long time. I don’t think I’ll ever do a song like that again; I think it was a one-off storyteller song that I felt like I had to do for this project.” On the track, he shares his parents’ life stories, highlighting that the reason he had a great upbringing was because of his parents’ hard work.

"Now, Robin HD is focusing on what the future holds for him as an artist"

Now, Robin HD is focusing on what the future holds for him as an artist, despite there being an air of uncertainty surrounding this topic. “What’s next for me is pretty much a mystery at the moment,” he admits, “I had my sights set on this project for a year, so now that it’s done, I’m kind of stuck in the middle!” he laughs. “I think what’s next to me is to collaborate with so many rappers and producers that I want to work with. If I want to make a drum and bass tune with a drum and bass producer then I want to do that; if I want to make a garage tune or make a UK rap song with some brilliant upcoming London rappers that are around my age, then I’ll do that. I want to enjoy myself now and work with people who I’ve enjoyed listening to,” he concludes.

Colours by Robin HD is out now.

Written by: Cat Jordan

Edited by: Gemma Cockrell

Featured image courtesy of Robin HD via Facebook. In-article video courtesy of Robin HD via YouTube.