How to Be a Drug Baron with Howard Marks

Described by the press as ‘the most sophisticated drugs baron of all time’, Howard Marks is the writer of the best-selling autobiography Mr Nice and performs critically acclaimed one man shows, drawing on a wealth of experience ranging from growing up in South Wales and his time at Oxford University, to incarceration at America’s toughest federal penitentiary.

Okay, so Howard Marks is not strictly music, but thats not all that Bestival is about. As we saw in last weeks preview, this Festival is a smorgasbord of Art, comedy, Theatre, Music and yes, drug barons. What more do you want for your money!?

In the past Mr Nice has offered career advice, read fairy tales and bedtime stories to the kids and captivated audiences with tales of his unbelievably true life, so we’re picking Howard Marks out as a must-see at this years Bestival. This guy has degrees in Physics and Philosophy from Oxford and makes Bob Marley look like a shy nun. I’m sorry but if you don’t find him interesting i’m afraid you’re broken.

Howard marks stage

Here’s a clip of some comedians asking him questions about rolling joints…

By Luke Gallimore