HONNE performing at the Rescue Rooms this Monday…

HONNE, a duo from East London, are helping pave a way into a new music genre; a kind of indie electro with a warm, mellow feel – it is hard to pin down a band with a similar sound. They are coming back to Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms on the 31st of October to bless the ears of all the more edgy personnel who prefer a good gig over a Halloween social.

After debuting their first single in 2014, ‘Warm on a Cold Night’, they have indeed gained widespread credibility with the release of their new album titled the same as their first song. An impressive record upon first listening, cultivating an electronic soul combined with ambient synths. ‘The Night’ is driven by gospel-esque synth pads and snappy drums, ‘Someone that Loves You’ keeps to this theme yet evidencing pop influences with its funky melodies and anthemic chorus, while ‘Coastal Love’ collides the dance genre of upbeat drums and guitar with HONNE’s recognizable mellow vocals and chilled out tone. When the title track, ‘Warm on a Cold Night’, is played this Monday, it is sure to sooth the cold heart and be the warm blanket which everyone needs as we venture into the winter season.

HONNE at the Rescue Rooms is truly set up to please.



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