Track Reviews: HAIM - 'Want you back' and 'Right Now'

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After an almost 4-year long hiatus, the sisters are finally back with two new singles ‘Want You Back’ and ‘Right Now’.

Despite their long time away the band has been anything but quiet: making tracks with big hitters Bastille and Calvin Harris, releasing a clothing line with eco-brand Reformation, touring America almost constantly, and of course becoming some of the core members of the Taylor Swift clique. This new-found friendship has had a clear impact on their music- these new tracks have a much clearer pop influence than their previous work and are outrageously catchy.  Of course, both songs are undeniably Haim, with their signature three part choruses and funk style bass. And Haim has always been fairly poppy on recording and more rock orientated when performing live- and after their SNL performance of ‘Want you back’ last night this is clearly the case once more. It was a high-energy performance that the girls clearly enjoyed with Este’s iconic “Bass-Face” out in full force.

‘Want You Back’ is the lead single from the album and has been stuck in my head all week. Definitely the more pop-styled of the two tracks, with strong synth and a wonderful crescendo taking us to the end of the song leaving you with an upbeat spring in your step for the rest of the day. This is a huge contrast with the mournful lyrics about wanting to get the partner they dumped back, despite the anger and heart break they caused.

‘Right Now’ is the latest single released on Friday and is the much gentler and sorrowful song, with organs, strings and piano which are all unusual for a Haim track. Danielle’s simple but soulful vocals cut through the song and express the mood perfectly. An explosion of distorted guitars and pain blasts near the start of the song- and a soft voice with no music talking about the pain toward the end, the two singles are vastly difference in a musical sense. However lyrically, there seems to be a continued narrative between the tracks, showing both sides of this relationship, the one who carelessly threw it away and the one struggling not to fall for the same mistake again. And as if you needed further proof, @HAIMtheband tweeted “opposite lovers” days before ‘Right Now’s’ release.

Fans will be excited to hear that the sisters will be touring the European festival circuit this summer, after cancelling the 2016 tour to focus on producing the album, including Glastonbury in June and Reading and Leeds in August. ‘Something to tell you’ comes out 7th July (Exactly 10 years after their first show in a clown museum funnily enough) and is available for pre-order.

The girls are back and already proving how they shot to fame so quickly in the first place; unafraid to test new territories while still staying true to their sound, July can’t around come fast enough