Grimes set to stun at Rock City

Get set for art pop and boundless energy as Grimes takes over Rock City on Tuesday night for a show that is going to be absolutely spectacular. Expect to hear new tracks from her fourth critically acclaimed studio album Art Angels as well as old favourites from her album Visions.

In a world where collaborations between musicians are rife and it is deemed imperative that artists chart with every single they release, Grimes is a breath of fresh air, existing as an independent entity and choosing to create her experimental music autonomously.

Hard to pin down, Grimes’ “ADD” music (called such because it shifts so frequently and dramatically) spans a wide range of genres and is influenced by many different styles such as synth pop, electronica and witch house. With her evocative lyrics and avant-garde instrumentation, Grimes is skilled at creating alternative realities and fictional worlds through her music.

The last year has been something of a comeback for the Montreal based artist – 2015 saw the release of Art Angels, a stellar album featuring some of her most innovative music to date. The album highlights her immense creativity and talent – every single instrument heard on the album is played by her.

A force to be reckoned with, Grimes will definitely be bringing the house down on Tuesday. Check out the video for her latest single, Kill V. Maim below.

Catch Grimes on Tuesday 8th March @ Rock City.



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