Gorgon City @ Rock City

When it comes to throwing one hell of a party, full of deep house splendour and endless grooves, Gorgon City are true experts in the field. There was a different atmosphere at this gig than others I have been too – as soon as I walked in, you could tell everyone’s energy and bodies were captivated by the deep house vibes floating through Rock City.

The gig’s first half involved the aid of vocalists Chenai and Josh Barry, who really knew how to get the crowd going while GC handled the instrumentals. A great way to start the set! Their vocals were on top form as well and complimented the rhythmic bass perfectly, highlighted with album tracks such as “Blame” (vocals from Josh Barry) and “Never Enough” (vocals from Chenai). Gorgon also showcased a few of the lead singles from their latest album ‘Escape’, including “One Last Song”, and “Go Deep”, which went down deliciously with the crowd, as expected.

In between the two halves that were full of vocally complemented house tracks, the lads of Gorgon City themselves took to centre stage to deliver the crowd a solid set of freestyle ‘table-turning’. It felt that as a crowd we were indulged in the roots of Gorgon City, and of their passions, which was very much still prevalent. A euphoric, purely groove-based interlude.

The second-half was, once again, full of pure grooves, vocally and instrumentally, fit for any house fan. Lead single from ‘Escape’, “Real Life”, marked the beginning of the end of the set but it was no less joyous. Crowd inclusion was heavy and a great way to end the set, with blissful fans climbing on the shoulders of their taller mates and spreading out their arms as though flying through the rhythm. Classics like “Ready For Your Love” were not scarce, with everyone ready to carry the party on at Ink straight after.

This being my first purely dance gig, I can honestly say Gorgon City have set the standard for, hopefully, more to come!

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