Goo Goo Dolls @ Rock City 16/10/13

After an incredible 28 years together, Goo Goo Dolls graced the stage of Nottingham’s Rock City on the 16th October, and what a show it was.

Frontman John Rzeznik was fun, energetic and kept the crowd alive and buzzing. The three-piece band from Buffalo, New York, satisfied even their oldest and most devout fans, with breakthrough hits  “Name” and “Broadway”, whilst keeping their more contemporary fans bouncing with their current hits such as “Come to Me” and “Rebel Beat”, both off their 2012 release “Magnetic” . They consistently worked hard to connect with all of their audience, and successfully so.

There were periods which were a little dry however; turns out bassist Robby Takac also sings at least 3 of the bands songs, which he performed on the night. These were ones I was unfamiliar with however, and presumably never made it to the mainstream radio, and for good reason. This aside, the Goo’s brought back wave upon wave of nostalgia, kept the crowd entertained and singing along and were generally content to put on a hit-heavy show to please everyone.

It felt like the Goo’s were really back. They looked happy to be playing and with Rzeznik being a sprightly 48 years old it looks like they may still have plenty left in them. Let’s hope so.

By Shantanu Ranjan