Gig Review – THREE TRAPPED TIGERS at The Bodega on April 22nd

The London-born trio Three Trapped Tigers are one of those bands that can capture your attention in seconds, with a sound that just powers through your head. Headed to the show, I was intrigued as to how they’d translate from record to stage, and they did not disappoint in the slightest.

Blasting in with colossal sounding drums and pulsating bass synths, the band opened with a strong performance of ‘Silent Earthling’ (the first track on their new album of the same name). This launched the audience face first into what Three Trapped Tigers are so celebrated for; a ferocity that is so well conveyed through their name alone.

Throughout their show, they were firing on all cylinders, performing many of their new tracks in album order, and both ‘Cramm’ and ‘Noise Trade’ from their first album ‘Route One Or Die’.

My personal favourites were ‘Kraken’, with its bent and tortured guitar lead that twists and turns as it plays alongside the synths, and ‘Rainbow Road’ which is so aptly named for its Mario Kart soundtrack feel; with synth stabs and drum fills that underpin the music careering and flying about, yet all still kept flawlessly under control by the three of them.

The sheer precision and intensity that they brought to the stage was truly commendable, and whenever I looked around, the audience were very much transfixed by these three.

These guys are a superb band on record, and even more superb on stage, bringing music that I can best describe as ‘Anthems for Androids’. They’re playing their remaining UK tour dates over the coming few weeks, then they’ll be back in the UK in late August to play at the wonderful ArcTanGent Festival in Bristol.

I also recommend having a listen to the support band Sœur, who brought a great deal of energy and really made the stage their own, jumping off and onstage frequently while pumping out grungy pop tunes all the while! Sœur will be playing again in Nottingham on Tuesday the 26th of April at JT Soar, and I’d really recommend seeing them while they’re still in town.