Friday Night In? Fear not, Peace are playing Rock City tonight!

Since the release of ‘Happy People’ in February, Birmingham’s Peace have been on a high octane journey through the year. Following a hectic schedule of summer festivals, they are back on the tour bus for the #HappyPeopleTour making their way around the UK.

Their popularity has grown rapidly over the past couple of years, with Koisser brother Harry taking the lead; they have charmed the nation with an exciting mix of music and glitter.

From classic crowd pleasers (‘Bloodshake’, ‘Wraith’) to the sweeter and slower moments (‘California Daze’, ‘Someday’) they will be sure to pull out all the stops. With their support troop of Yak and Splashh by their sides, there is no shortage of heavy guitars or dreamy pop goodness, as both offer their services to the Peace agenda.

Tonight, they are all landing in Nottingham’s famous Rock City to spread their indie magic; the venue will be packed as their heavily dedicated fan base congregate for a mass party. With jangly guitars, rowdy sing-alongs in hand and a killer setlist, it’s safe to say anything could happen. One thing is for certain, after tonight there will be no shortage of Happy People.

SET TIMES FOR PEACE TONIGHT! Doors 6.30 @yak_band 6.45-7.10 @splashhband 7.30-8pm @PEACE4EVEREVER 8.30 Curfew 10pm — Rock City (@Rock_City_Notts) October 2, 2015

By Lok Yee Liu



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