Preview: Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes at Rock City

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a neon haired guy throw himself off a balcony into the crowd for a crowd surf like no other, or be demanded to keep still enough for a handstand to take place above your head, or be part of the largest circle pit in the history of Reading Festival- then you need to see Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes.

The punk rock band fronted by Frank Carter from the Gallows and Pure Love have had an incredibly successful year after releasing their second album ‘Modern Ruin’ in January. They’ve performed at Reading/Leeds, Glastonbury and even Hellfest in France. Now they’re doing a seven date UK tour ahead of their European tour next March.

Sailor Jerry will play host to some kickass competitions for exclusive memorabilia and backstage sound checks, plus a blow-your-mind secret after show party and a hell of a lot of tattooing.

Commenting on the Sailor Jerry partnership, Frank says, “When I first saw Sailor Jerry tattoos, it had the same impact as the first time I heard Black Flag, the first time I saw Descent FromThe Cross, the first time I watched Apocalypse Now; suddenly the world made more sense, and I felt like I knew more about myself than I did before.”

You can guarantee that the event is going to be completely mental, filled with energy and down-right crazy, so if that seems like something you’d enjoy, then tickets are still available for Rock City on Wednesday 6th December with support from Ipswich rock band Basement.