Flyte @ The Bodega

Following the release of the long-awaited debut album, The Loved Ones, Flyte are finally able to properly tour the UK. The band played the Bodega to a packed crowd, with fans making requests and chatting with the band throughout the night, it was an intimate affair. As a smaller venue, the Bodgea perfectly accentuated the intensity of the gig and produced an amazing sound quality.

The band opened with single, Victoria Falls, a richly layered song with a break down that is reminiscent of the Stone Roses. Sliding Doors sets the tone for a dream-pop atmosphere as the audience are caught under the pull of Flyte’s talent. But for a band who could easily stroll through their set, without breaks for crowd interaction they show off their individual personalities and quirks to the joy of the audience. Little White Lies comes with the anecdote of their feature in The Metro guilty pleasures sections as it is referenced in the lyrics.

Lead singer Will Taylor carried the stage banter and offered the crowd an insight into their closely knit band dynamic. He stated Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited as a key influence in their album and as the source of their band name. The band joked about the clichés of announcing their last song before following through with the retro banger, Cathy Come Home, and standing in the corner for their fake-encore.

The final song on their album and penultimate of the night was a cover of Alvvays’ Archie, Marry Me, a stripped-down ode to the original. With the set drawing to a close, the band used the small space to their advantage and joined the crowd. As the crowd formed a circle around them they performed an a cappella version of Faithless. Here, their perfect harmonies and strong vocals shone through with the whole venue mesmerised by the four of them. After the gig, the band sold their own merch and chatting to their fans, a show of their commitment to their following but also their grounded and fun personalities.

Despite having a short set, Flyte are a band that can elevate their songs into a truly communal and hypnotic live performance, proving they are definitely not to be underestimated.

Photo courtesy of Island Records

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