Fickle Friends @ Rescue Rooms

On Wednesday 25th October, Fickle Friends played an amazing Rescue Rooms show with support from Off Bloom and Mowbeck. Rescue Rooms was kitted up with palm trees and tropical deco, transforming the stage and transporting the audience out of Nottingham and into some other paradise where they could listen to good music, have a laugh and enjoy themselves.

The night started with Mowbeck, a three-piece indie rock band from Grantham who supported The Sherlocks at Rock City in September. The band have an ever-growing fan base and have been working on new music since the September show, so as well as their better-known songs such as ‘The Basement’ and ‘I Don’t Care’, they also treated the crowd to a brand-new song that lead singer Andy Thomas admitted that they had finished that day, and still didn’t have a name. When they finished with their most popular song ‘Talk about’, the venue was practically full. The popularity and quality of Mowbeck had managed to fill up Rescue Rooms more than any other support band I had seen previously.

Next up was a band called Off Bloom, a Danish electro pop trio consisting of lead singer Mette and producers Alex and Mads who stood either side of Mette with their synthesisers and very funky dance moves. Mette wore just the sleeves and neck of a jumper and it wasn’t just her outfit which was rebellious, her attitude and language also demonstrated her will to disobey authority and put a finger up to anybody that has offended her. This manner came out in the songs that she sung such as ‘Love to hate it’ and ‘Shut up and let me walk’, the latter about an ex and included very colourful phrases. The energetic performance got the crowd dancing and singing along, ready for the main event.

After a short wait, the venue went completely dark and a mash up of the Toy Story theme, Justin Bieber and other songs began to play before Fickle Friends appeared among an explosion of colourful lighting. They opened the show with ‘Hello hello’ which the crowd immediately started singing and dancing along to, pushing and shoving to get closer to the front and to lead singer Natti Shiner. Their set included popular songs such as the catchy ‘Cry Baby’ and ‘Say no more’, which continued to get the crowd involved and ensured everybody had the best time. The set closed with the obvious choice of their track ‘Glue’ which has become their most well heard of song and almost all of the audience were singing along with Natti.

These three bands have a lot of potential between them. Mowbeck are heading back to the studio to write and record an album while Off Bloom are supporting Dua Lipa. Fickle Friends have yet to release an album but have been working on one for quite a while so it is expected to be released early 2018. The singles out so far are all positively contagious and addictive to listen to so there is little doubt that when the album is eventually released, it will be the same. If you get the chance, have a listen to these bands and you might just find your new favourite tracks.

Photo credit: Daniel Alexander Harris

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