Album Review: Fickle Friends - 'You Are Someone Else'

The long-awaited release of Fickle Friend’s debut album “You Are Someone Else”, on Friday. Five years after their performance at Jamie Oliver’s music festival “The Big Festival” in 2013, the five-piece indie pop band have finally dropped an amazing sixteen track album, filled with their already popular singles and some new material that is sure to please existing fans as well as attract new followers.

The album opens with singles “wake me up”, “Glue” and “Swim” that have shown their popularity among already, with “Swim” racking up over 14 million streams on Spotify since its release in 2014. New song “Bite” is fourth on the album and, according to front woman Natassja Shiner, had received some negative criticism before it’s release, but to her surprise, fans are claiming it to be their favourite song on the album.  “Rotation” seems to be more polarising than the other easy listening songs on the album. It mixes in new, more slick sounds with repetitive lyrics that although singing along can’t be helped, it is easy to see it quickly becoming annoying.

The rest of the album is a diverse mixture of what are sure to become soundtracks to summer, as well as pick me ups when the weather goes crazy and delivers snow storms in spring. It is especially satisfying to see the results the hard work and dedication that Fickle Friends have put into making the album. You can see that the band are incredibly pleased with the result and this enthusiasm has spread through fans after a few days.

Although Natassja praised Spotify, she has encouraged fans to go out and buy the CD or the vinyl so that the band can continue doing what they are truly passionate about.  So, if you haven’t done so already, make sure that you have a listen to “You Are Someone Else” and think about treating yourself to the pleasure of playing an actual disc, as many people would not be able to remember the last time that they did this.

Photo courtesy of Chuff Media

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