Etherwood’s album, Blue Leaves, is out tomorrow – here’s a review!

Etherwood’s new album, Blue Leaves, is out on September 4th through Hospital Records. Here’s what to expect:

Souvenirs, the opening track of Etherwood’s new album, is a perfect snapshot of the hour of music to come: incorporating the fast beat that’s synonymous with drum & bass with slower, more cinematic sounds, Woody’s album makes for beautiful listening from cover to cover. Etherwood is a fantastic producer in his own right and this is shown on songs like The Rain Will Fall and Souls Rejoined. These tracks clearly demonstrate that he doesn’t need to cover his beats with vocal melodies to hide any vulnerabilities, they are a masterful composition of thrashing DnB mixed with that chilled vibe that’s reminiscent of the end of a great night where everyone is tired but buzzing. Cast Away is another song that chooses to forego vocals and instead uses a catchy piano hook which grows on the listener every time it’s repeated throughout the song.

‘When you hold resentment towards another you’re bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel… Forgiveness comes at the moment where we give up…the moment that it becomes more important to be free than it does to be right. Do you wanna be right or do you wanna be free?’

Honestly, if that’s not the most humbling and enlightening thing you hear all day then I don’t know what is. This leads on to what may be the highlight of the album, You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me, a song that combines a singalong vocal line with a slower beat showing that DnB isn’t all about just putting on a fast beat with a killer drop and hoping everyone jumps around. Overall this whole album really is a stellar creation from a rising star in the DnB world. It can be most appreciated when played from start to finish, allowing one to see the way the songs melt into each other. A perfect accompaniment to a long train journey or a walk home, there’s something very calming about Woody’s unique take on what can be a very monotonous genre when attempted by someone less gifted.