EP Review: Maisie Peters - 'It's Your Bed Babe, It's Your Funeral'

After generating nearly four million monthly listeners on Spotify, 19-year old Brighton born Maisie Peters joins the bunch of successful artists who hail from the musical world of YouTube - Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa and Dodie to name a few. Peters is back with her second EP It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral, and it’s stunning.

As soon as the opening song This Is On You kicks in, you can tell the production of Peter’s compositions have been raised to the next level to create a fuller and more mature sound, yet not enough to drown out her unique and delicate voice. She sings of a person who she has helped and supported for a long time, yet she feels they have thrown her friendship away. And from this small story comes the line which has been crowned as the EP’s title “It’s your bed babe, its your funeral, this is on you”. Being the first single from this EP, it is definitely a standout from the whole of her discography, and I find myself pressing the repeat button whenever it comes on. Adore You has the sweet poppy sound that any hopeless romantic would love. The song's funky chorus will have you dancing whilst thinking of that special someone. Peters' charming lyrics mixed with the infectious beat create the perfect blend for a chart-pleasing hit, perfect for radio.

"Describing this as her "concise portal to me aged 19”, Maisie Peters' It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral has captured her youth perfectly."

For early fans of Maisie Peters, much like myself, you may be finding yourself wanting some classic acoustic sounds that Maisie first presented to the world on her YouTube channel. As I listened to the first two tracks on the EP, although I enjoyed them, they reminded me of what I first thought when I heard her now most popular single from 2018, Worst of You. I thought 'Oh no! Is this another artist that record companies are willing to strip all originality from for easy sales?' The auto-tune heavy backing vocals and electronic drums to me just didn’t feel like the Maisie Peters I was used to. Now I’ve quite pointlessly aired my slight beef with that single, I must say that This Is On You and Adore You just don’t carry that same vibe. They sound professional, sleek and ultimately have positioned Peters to showcase her now more commercial, yet different and more mature tone.

On her Instagram page, Maisie wrote “After months of writing and talking and recording and rerecording and working, all these songs are out for you guys to take and make your own”. Hearing how much effort Maisie has put into this EP warms my heart, and even more so knowing it has paid off. Maisie has successfully transitioned to a more commercial indie-pop genre, but will she stop doing the gorgeous stripped back acoustic songs? Never! Take Care Of Yourself and Personal Best feature gentle piano and guitar, accompanying the Peters' bittersweet melodies; arguably her forte.

Image courtesy of Burak Cingi

Take Care Of Yourself showcases Maisie in a softened light, telling a loved one to relax, essentially highlighting the importance of self-care. Personal Best, Maisie’s creation for her sister, is another notable song on the EP. Starting very quiet with delicate vocals, this song flourishes into a touching, sentimental and harmonious composition which has a nostalgic feel. Small moments such as riding bikes, or gossiping whilst eating, are now memories in the mind of the songwriter. And perhaps Maisie yearns for these moments as she sings “And I don't feel right unless you are here with me”. Growing up, something everyone must do, is a teary subject for anyone, and on Personal Best Maisie has captured this feeling extremely well. It’s a wistful topic and it does not need a full and loud sound, which is why this song works so well.

Describing this as her "concise portal to me aged 19”, Maisie Peters' It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral has captured her youth perfectly. In just 18 minutes, Peters has impressively showcased her new self and this EP is just the ticket she needs for a most definite successful career ahead of her. Unfortunately, tickets for her upcoming show at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham are sold out however, as she embarks on a headlining sold out tour of North America, there is no stopping the whirlwind of the Peters. So make sure to keep an eye out for any UK tour announcements as I’m sure there’ll be one soon after the success of her second EP.