Enter Shikari Rough Trade signing, 07/11/15

To celebrate the release of their new remix album The Mindsweep: Hospitalized, St Albans boys Enter Shikari have embarked on a series of signings across the country, choosing to visit Nottingham’s historic Rough Trade on Saturday 7th November. As Enter Shikari are my all time favourite band, there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity. I arrived and joined the back of the queue of many fans holding an array of CDs, vinyl’s and other memorabilia to be signed.

I finally arrived at the front of the queue to be greeted by none other than lead singer Rou Reynolds. Not only did he sign my copy of their latest album, we also went to on to have a nice conversation about old Enter Shikari songs and proceeded to have a picture together. Chris Batten and Rob Rolfe (bassist and drummer respectively) were also equally as lovely as Rou. Turns out that Chris used to hang out in Nottingham a fair amount and that is club of preference on a night out here in Oceana (I prefer Crisis myself). I also managed to embarrass myself in front of drummer Rob who didn’t seem to remember when I shouted at him across the road in St Albans three years ago, but nevertheless he didn’t seem too weirded out (hopefully). Unfortunately Rory C (guitarist) was not there as he had just had a baby a day before (Congrats!)

Overall, it can be concluded that as well as being an incredible band, Enter Shikari are all genuine, lovely and talkative people. They say don’t meet your heroes, but meeting Enter Shikari was a great experience that I hope to relive again soon.



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