Emmy the Great’s stops off at The Bodega on her UK tour

Hong-Kong born Emma-Less Moss, aka Emmy the Great, will be playing at The Bodega this Saturday as part of her UK tour promoting her new album Second Love.

Written in various cities, Salt Lake City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and London, ‘Second Love’ takes in her experiences over the last three years and her ever changing personal surroundings. The album follows on nicely from  her EP released last January with single ‘Swimming Pool’ receiving great plaudits.

Through listening to her music you can tell she has a great way in writing observational, story-telling, charming, honest and bold songs with the new album taking on a more synth-based approach than her previous efforts. I’ve never seen Emmy before but have followed her for a few years now, since the release of her critically acclaimed album ‘Virtue’ in 2011.

She loves connecting with her fans and letting them get involved with her via her website, for example a recent blog post asks fans to suggest new lyrics for her song Canopies and Drapes, which she suggests is outdated.

Besides her solo work, she’s also collaborated with various artists including Tim Wheeler, with whom she released a Christmas album with. She also writes articles for The Guardian and Vice which are definitely worth checking out.

Tickets can be bought for Saturday’s show here http://www.bodeganottingham.com/gigs/1359/emmy-the-great



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