Emilie and Ogden @ Rescue Rooms, 01/11/15

Let’s admit, it would be an incredibly difficult task to support a band as fantastic as Half Moon Run, yet Emilie and Ogden absolutely smashed it. Emilie’s beautiful voice enhanced every element of her performance, that’s without mentioning her crazy talented ability to play the harp ‘Ogden’.

Emilie and Ogden began the evening of November 1 with a selection of songs featured on the album ’10,000’, before allowing Half Moon Run to take to the stage. The set itself was only 30 minutes long, however every second had drawn in each member of the audience, even those who were unaware of Emilie and Ogden before the event. Although difficult, I was fortunate enough to gain a good view from the balcony which surrounds the very small, compact area known as Rescue Rooms. I was able to witness the evident passion within Emilie’s body language, it was clear to me that Emilie loves music which in turn had a positive effect upon her overall performance. Placed centre stage, central to the beautiful, colourful lighting, Emilie looked truly graceful. The icing on the cake of course goes to her elegant vocal chords which had almost everybody speechless, rewarding her with a huge round of applause at the end of the set. One aspect of the whole night which left me smiling took place at the very end of the night, when Half Moon Run invited Emilie on stage to perform a final song together. It was great to see the friendship between them.

From start to finish, I cannot fault. Emilie should be incredibly proud of herself and I am certain that this will not be the last we hear of her. If you enjoy soft, magical music I highly recommend attending a future gig hosted by this incredible duet!

By Ashley Kippax



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