Easy Life @ Rescue Rooms

Easy Life are the latest band to emerge fresh and energetic from the East Midlands and their status is rapidly increasing, as evidenced on Wednesday evening when they played Rescue Rooms. The Leicester band is made up of former members of local bands By the Rivers and Park Bench Society and they arrived in Nottingham to cement their place as one of the UK’s most exciting young bands.

In the lead up to the gig, the youthful crowd were kept entertained by the boisterous DJ Jacky P who dropped numerous classics in his DJ set. Then emerging came support act Che Lingo. Lingo is a rapper from London with infectious raw energy and he is certainly destined for bigger things, a musician certainly worth checking out on Spotify.

Easy Life then stormed onto the stage with their array of instruments, including saxophones, trumpets and clarinets which made the gig resemble a jazz session at various points. It’s that variety of instrumentation alongside those alternative, indie vibes which give the band their unique sound. And they launched into some of their most popular tracks “Ice Cream” and “Frank” at the start of their set.

Also featuring on the evening was two tracks from the band’s new mixtape ‘Spaceships’. The tracks from the EP played were “Sunday” and “Afters”, both of which I personally believe are two of Easy Life’s strongest tracks yet. Fingers crossed that these songs will appear on their debut album when it is eventually released.

Other highlights on the night included “OJPL” (Orange Juice Pink Lemonade) and “Pockets”, the song which gained worldwide exposure due to its appearance on the FIFA 19 soundtrack. The final song on the evening was the wonderful “Nightmares”. This song got a raucous reception from the baying audience and lemons were being pelted all over the venue. It was certainly a unique gig atmosphere and several youngsters before the gig explained that it was the first gig they’d been to in their lives.

Lyrically, Easy Life manage to narrate the life stories of young people in the UK exceptionally well. Indeed, this may be why they appeal so much to that late teen, early twenty-something audience. They will return to play the even larger Rock City in October and will have jumped from the Bodega, to Rescue Rooms to Rock City all within the space of a year, one hell of a feat for any band. By then they will hopefully have dropped their debut album in their journey towards widespread success.

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